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Our services
Interior Design
  • Development of a complete or preliminary design project for all types of premises
  • Planning decisions
  • 3D visualization
  • Author's support
Architectural Engineering
  • Development of an architectural project
  • Facade design
  • Design of entrance groups
Repair Work
  • Rough work
  • Comprehensive renovation of premises
  • Facade finishing
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Our advantages
01 A complex approach
02 Many years of experience
03 Implementation corresponds to the project
04 Author's supervision
05 Supply of building materials
06 Construction work guarantee 1 year

«AS-design» interior design studio

Service packages
Composition of the design project:
  • Measurement drawing with reference to utilities.
  • Options for planning solutions (2-3 options before final approval).
  • Approved plan after redevelopment.
  • Scheme of construction dismantling of partitions.
  • Construction of new partitions.
  • Doorways.
  • Room markings.
  • Placement of lighting fixtures on the ceiling.
  • Ceilings.
  • Positions for switching on lighting fixtures.
  • Placement of electrical outlets, sockets and switches.
  • Air conditioning
  • Plumbing equipment layout plan.
  • Floor coverings.
  • Installing heated floors
  • Laying tiles along the walls of the room.
  • Scheme of wall finishing materials. Specification of materials
  • Wall developments.
  • Interior visualization in the 3D Studio Max program, 2-4 angles for each room.
Room area Cost
from 40-200 m2 30/m2
200-350 m2 25/m2
350-500 m2 20/m2
more than 500 m2 15/m2
from 1000 m2 Special price
*There is a discount system for regular customers. *Special offer for author's supervision.
Author's supervision

Designer supervision includes:

  • visit of an architect to the site (no more than four visits per month);
  • introducing adjustments to the working drawings that arose after the dismantling of old partitions and the erection of new partitions, after leveling the floors, walls and ceilings;
  • consultations and monitoring of compliance with the implementation of this project;
  • selection of wall finishing materials;
  • selection of floor coverings;
  • selection of furniture;
  • selection of lighting fixtures;
  • selection of electrical accessories;
  • selection of decor;

The price of author's supervision is from 300 USD. in 1 month, with a repair duration of 3-6 months. If the construction and renovation of the facility is not completed during this period, an additional contract for architectural supervision is concluded, which specifies the number of trips, a schedule of trips for 1-2 months and additional payment. The price increases if the object is not in Kharkov.

If construction work is carried out by our organization for author support, a special offer!

Architectural design

Sketch design is the creation of a general concept of a future building, design, its style direction, solution of the internal space.

Schematic design includes:

  • planning solution;
  • visualization in the 3D Studio Max program (the size of the printed pictures is 2-4 angles;
  • floor plans, facades and sections (in dimensions);

The price varies from 5 USD. up to 10 USD for 1m2 (on the floor) depending on the area of the object and the level of complexity of the work.

Design of entrance groups

Entrance groups are the most important component of the building. Any renovation, façade finishing and design involves the construction of entrance lobbies. Projects for entrance groups can be of varying complexity and cost, but must always fit into the overall concept of the building and its facade. They require a definition of architectural concept and style. If there is a ready-made, designed and finished facade, the style of the entrance group is selected to match it.

The price for designing entrance groups starts from 500 y.e. up to 1000 y.e.

Facade design

Architectural design of facades is carried out both for existing buildings and for newly created buildings and includes design, style direction, color scheme, selection of various materials.

The price varies from 10 USD. up to 20 USD for 1m2 (on the facade) depending on the area of the object and the level of complexity of the work.

Our clients

The main areas of our activity: carrying out high-quality renovations, creating the design of modern, unique interiors that best suit tastes and preferences, which will make any room more cozy, comfortable and functional.

We have many years of experience in organizing and conducting:

  • designer;
  • design;
  • repair work.

Forget about all the problems and difficulties associated with these processes, all worries and troubles will fall on the shoulders of our qualified craftsmen and designers, who will control every stage so that everything goes at a high level: from the development of an interior design project to its implementation into life.

Highly qualified studio specialists will help you select high-quality and modern construction and finishing materials, materials for room decoration, as well as textiles and accessories that match the chosen style and color in which the design was made in Kharkov. Another important point is the selection and arrangement of furniture in all rooms, the design of walls, floors and ceilings.

The studio offers its clients from the city of Kharkov the service of “author supervision”, that is, the designer monitors and controls the implementation of construction and renovation work of apartments, according to the developed interior design project and selected materials. We also control the implementation of 3D visualizations so that they match the style and take into account all the requirements and desires of the customer.

We offer perfect repairs without hassle.

Studio specialists and designers have extensive experience and high qualifications, which makes it possible to carry out repairs, develop designs and ideas of any complexity, for premises, regardless of their size, layout and condition.

We offer construction, repair, and interior design services for owners of small apartments, large houses and cottages with a total area of more than 1 thousand square meters. We cooperate with all commercial structures of the city of Kharkov, such as:

  • offices;
  • shops;
  • bars;
  • cafe;
  • restaurants;
  • and other objects.

The main advantages of the work are an integrated approach to providing the full range of services related to the development of a design project for any premises. The process of creating an interior is important and responsible, since your comfortable stay in any space depends on it.

Control of work progress at every stage.

The studio’s specialists, possessing vast knowledge, will be able to realize all your desires, on the basis of which they will create for you a unique and inimitable interior design for an apartment, room, house, cottage, commercial space, bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom, nursery.< /p>

Designers and architects will be able to implement any design, project, all ideas and decorate any interior. Each client receives an individual approach that will help to fulfill wishes and requirements as much as possible. Regular customers and only positive reviews are proof of this.

Apartment interior design and renovation in Kharkov will delight you and all members of your family.

And now we invite you to familiarize yourself with our works. Call the studio specialists to make your dreams come true.

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