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Organization of living space

– these are changes that determine the internal structure of the interior: the number and size of rooms, their location, the spatial connection of the rooms.
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Redevelopment belongs to the category of primary means of interior design, perhaps that is why the prospect of changes of such complexity frightens people. We all advocate for improving the quality of space, but not everyone will risk moving walls, building partitions, dividing volume into levels, using empty rooms (for example, an attic or basement) and re-equipping and decorating them in accordance with building rules for residential premises.

It should be noted that changes to the planning organization vary significantly in level of complexity and costs and, in turn, depend on whether the supporting structure of the house will be affected. For example, cutting an opening in an internal wall is much easier than performing the same operation in a load-bearing wall. If you have the most accurate information on this issue, know where and what difficulties await you, and prepare most thoroughly for the redevelopment, then we are sure that you are guaranteed success. You may not be able to make large-scale changes on your own, and this is sometimes risky. Seek help from an architect who will tell you which structures are load-bearing and which are internal, and hire experienced and qualified builders to implement your project.

Organization of living space

Interior design and store decoration

Agree, everyone has their favorite stores and boutiques, just as there are those that you will not go to under any circumstances. Why is it that with enviable regularity we are drawn to return and buy something in some stores, but simply “turn away” from others?

Before a potential buyer can evaluate the quality of goods, services and services, he will be faced with the design of a store window and the design of store premises. If the design attracts attention, then there is a high probability that the buyer will enter the store and even buy something. A repulsive display window will scare away customers already at the stage of making a decision: to enter or pass by.

A little about the history of the appearance of stores

What was the purpose of the first stores? Their owners expected that women would come here to socialize, take a break from home and problems, and at the same time buy something for themselves.

Over time, the joy of visiting convenient and beautifully decorated stores was also appreciated by men. Today, going to huge supermarkets and small boutiques has become one of the types of recreation, a kind of entertainment.

And today, the design of a boutique determines the likelihood of a purchase to a greater extent than the quality of the goods.

Features of interior design that is attractive to buyers

Each interior should be united by a common concept, the development of which is best left to a professional. An experienced designer will develop a functional, cozy and, most importantly, memorable store interior design


The color scheme of a store’s interior design has a special impact on the visitor.

Special studies have proven that not very wealthy citizens respond to bright colors. On the contrary, deep, rich shades appeal to the wealthy public.

People with a calm, not tired psyche prefer contrasting combinations, simple, clean, bright colors, this →

  • children and teenagers
  • youth and temperamental people
  • open, direct natures and people involved in physical labor

People with a finely organized nervous system, people engaged in intellectual work, elderly and middle-aged people, as well as people with a tired nervous system prefer low-saturated, complex colors. Achromatic, blackened and broken combinations have a calming effect, evoking complex emotions that satisfy the lack of subtle, refined sensations.

Influence on human emotions

Plastic, sound and color images are closely related to human emotions, which is taken into account by specialists when developing the interior design of a boutique or store.

The positive emotions evoked by the word “fun” are associated with smooth patterns and shapes, free space, and fast, unrestrained movement.

The opposite reaction is caused by the word “fright”. Irregular, broken planes, unstable shapes, sharp protrusions, darkness, dim or blinding lighting, cold blues and greens, slippery floors – all this can frighten the buyer.

Store interior design helps the buyer

The shopping process will become much easier if the store interior design is done correctly.

The interior design of a store should help the buyer quickly find the right product or service. Therefore, the store design will depend on the type of service chosen: mixed, self-service or counter service. All elements must be interconnected and form a single whole, then they will form the desired image for the buyer.

Pay special attention to lighting. It should be carefully thought out, presenting the goods in the most advantageous color. The design of the building façade and shop window is also of great importance. They should be colorful, attract attention, and make the target audience want to come.

When ordering the development and creation of interior design and store decoration, remember the high competition in the trade sector, do not forget that the design must be unique and memorable.

Follow this simple rule, and then every visit to your store will become a bright event for the buyer, which he will tell his friends and acquaintances about, advertising your store.

Interior design and store decoration

Interior design and store decoration

Interior design and store decoration

Interior design and store decoration

Interior design and store decoration

Interior design and store decoration

Interior design and store decoration

Interior design and store decorationInterior design and store decoration

Interior design and store decoration

Interior design and store decoration

Interior design and store decoration

Interior design and store decoration

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