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Organization of living space

– these are changes that determine the internal structure of the interior: the number and size of rooms, their location, the spatial connection of the rooms.
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Redevelopment belongs to the category of primary means of interior design, perhaps that is why the prospect of changes of such complexity frightens people. We all advocate for improving the quality of space, but not everyone will risk moving walls, building partitions, dividing volume into levels, using empty rooms (for example, an attic or basement) and re-equipping and decorating them in accordance with building rules for residential premises.

It should be noted that changes to the planning organization vary significantly in level of complexity and costs and, in turn, depend on whether the supporting structure of the house will be affected. For example, cutting an opening in an internal wall is much easier than performing the same operation in a load-bearing wall. If you have the most accurate information on this issue, know where and what difficulties await you, and prepare most thoroughly for the redevelopment, then we are sure that you are guaranteed success. You may not be able to make large-scale changes on your own, and this is sometimes risky. Seek help from an architect who will tell you which structures are load-bearing and which are internal, and hire experienced and qualified builders to implement your project.

Organization of living space

Design of cottages, private houses

Design studio “AS-Design” will perform Architectural Design of Cottages. Additionally, we develop interior design for cottages and private houses . Design and Repair can be carried out by us TURNKEY, Design of cottages, private houses Design of cottages, private houses

Design of cottages, private houses Design of cottages, private houses

Design of cottages, private houses Design of cottages, private houses

Design of cottages, private houses Design of cottages, private houses

Where do you think the construction of a house begins? No, not from laying the foundation, but much earlier, when the idea of building a house arose and a sketch began to be created – an architectural design of a cottage or private house, taking into account the location of the site, the number of floors and the expected appearance. At the architectural design stage, the appearance of the building is formed, so it is important to think through everything to the smallest detail. This is the only way the design of a private house, country house, cottage will reflect your individuality and uniqueness. It can be a luxurious or, conversely, a modest castle, a traditional cottage, a townhouse or a wooden house. What your home will be like is up to you to decide.

Your vision of the future home is taken into account during architectural design.

When developing an architectural design for a cottage or house, the following must be taken into account:

  • layout of premises, taking into account their explication
  • dimensions of all rooms of the house
  • location of windows and doors on the plan
  • You receive all 4 facades in 3D graphics with elevation marks and colors.

The architectural design of the house and the interior design of the cottage will be developed for you by specialists from the AS-Design design studio.

We will be with you until the bitter end: from the stage of creating a computer version of a design project to its implementation. How we work At the planning stage of home design, we select environmentally friendly materials that are safe for health. At all stages without exception, and especially during the construction and development of the interior design of the house, we maintain contact with the customer. All your wishes will be taken into account, in addition, we will tell you how best to implement your plans. We are responsible for the quality of all work we perform. In the gallery of finished works you can familiarize yourself with the implemented options – from architectural design, construction to the final result. Perhaps the photographs presented will help you choose your option.

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