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English style design

There are a lot of design trends, which makes it possible for our studio’s customers, together with a designer, to easily choose the most suitable one. English interior design is very popular in Kharkov. Which can rightfully be called the most beautiful and unique. It is characterized by:

  • elegance
  • consistency
  • grace
  • brevity of forms

And also with careful thought out of all the details and a special sense of proportion. Interior design English style will create a comfortable and cozy environment, as well as an atmosphere of calm and tranquility . Our studio has extensive experience in creating projects in this design direction. For AS-Design designers, the size of the apartment, its layout and number of rooms does not matter.

Exclusive furniture and accessories.

Before ordering the development of an interior design project in the English style, you should remember that it has a number of features, and it is also not compatible with other design trends. The main distinguishing features include:

  • dark colors
  • expensive finishing materials
  • exclusive furniture
  • designer accessories

The room should also have large windows, a fireplace, carpets, tapestries, paintings, crystal chandeliers, lamps and fabric lampshades. As for the fireplace, it is a mandatory element of the English interior style. In most cases, it is a decorative element; marble, granite or wood are used for its cladding. As for wood, it also plays an important role in design. It is used for finishing walls, floors and ceilings. Solid wooden doors, windows, cornices and baseboards can be installed in an apartment or house. As well as wooden furniture made from valuable species.

Sophistication and aristocracy.

It's no secret that a person cannot live without modern technology in his life. In order not to disturb the harmony and atmosphere of the English style, all household appliances and equipment are hidden in niches and special cabinets. To decorate ceilings, beautiful stucco moldings and expensive crystal chandeliers are often used, which add special sophistication and aristocracy to the interior design . It is worth noting that many different exclusive accessories are used to decorate rooms, and the more of them, the better. They should be placed in prominent places, clearly visible and complement each other.

Interior design English style will create a unique aristocratic atmosphere in your home or apartment, where everything will be comfortable and cozy.