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Interior design in avant-garde style

Today there are many different styles. All of them are bright, interesting, unique, each with its own original ideas, colors, materials and accessories . Many residents from Kyiv and Kharkov, trying to choose the most suitable design for their house or apartment, get lost and do not know what is best to choose. If you want to make your own room:

  • bright
  • original
  • unique
  • unique

In this case, our studio recommends that you develop an interior design project in the avant-garde style.

Interior design in avant-garde style

We combine the incongruous.

Avant-garde interior style is the absolute opposite of classic design. This is a kind of challenge to all standards and rules in the field of design. In this direction, everything that is incongruous is combined, designers are experimenting:

  • color
  • finishing
  • decor
  • accessories
  • furniture

The avant-garde interior style uses contrasting colors, unusual shapes, original furniture, and designer accessories.

During the development of the project, designers will focus on color. In most cases, walls, ceilings, and floors are painted in different bright colors and contrasting furniture is selected. It is very important not to overdo it at this stage in order to ultimately get a beautiful, harmonious picture. It is worth noting that interior design in the avant-garde style excludes the use of wallpaper. The walls and ceiling are painted or painted. And also in this design direction, preference is given to spacious rooms without walls, partitions, or doors. Zoning of the area occurs due to color, light, arches, steps, podiums and much more.

Avant-garde design

Unique shapes, lines, colors.

The avant-garde interior style is characterized by a large amount of natural and artificial light. To do this, large windows of non-standard shapes are installed in a house or apartment, as well as designer lamps and fixtures. Only new and modern materials are used to decorate the rooms. The furniture should also be new, modern and unusual. This may apply to both its shape and the materials from which it was made. Often they use furniture characteristic of the high-tech design direction. In this case, it can be glass, metal, plastic .

AS-Design Studio will create for you a unique avant-garde interior design at a low price in Ukraine. We offer our customers from Kyiv, Kharkov and other cities only original and creative ideas in the avant-garde style.