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Interior design in a modern style

The modern interior style is popular among our studio’s customers. This design is suitable for any apartments and houses in the city of Kharkov , regardless of their size, condition, number of rooms . It is characterized by:

  • free
  • by air
  • light

A space with a small amount of furniture and accessories. It will allow you to create maximum harmony and coziness in the room, where it will be pleasant and comfortable to be.

Light and airy space.

The designers of the AS-Design studio have extensive experience in creating and implementing interior design projects in a modern style. Work with the client begins with inspecting the apartment and assessing its condition. A detailed inspection of the premises makes it possible to identify deficiencies in the premises. With the help of repair and design work, skillfully hide them. Since modern design implies a single space without walls and partitions. Therefore, existing rooms in the room are combined whenever possible. That is:

  • kitchen
  • living room
  • bedroom
  • children's

They will turn into one large, spacious area. It will be divided into functional zones. In most cases, zoning occurs with the help of furniture, color and lighting solutions. The new space will be filled with light, air and a unique atmosphere of grace and harmony.

Straight lines and clear shapes.

The interior design in a modern style is done in light colors. The most common colors are white, beige, brown, and they can also be shaded with dark colors such as black and gray. The main thing is that the color palette is restrained and can also emphasize the simplicity of shapes and lines. It is worth noting that this design direction is characterized by straight lines and clear shapes. To dilute the atmosphere, you can add a few bright accents, this could be furniture or designer accessories.

Interior design in a modern style is characterized by rooms with plenty of natural light . Daylight can enter the room through large windows and light curtains. And also the presence of compact and functional furniture that will not take up much space, but at the same time will be practical and comfortable.

Our studio will develop for you a unique design project in a modern style. Which will make your room beautiful, spacious, bright and modern. We provide design services at the best price in Kharkov and complete them within the agreed time frame.