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Interior design in Provence style

Most modern people lead an active lifestyle. During the day, they solve many issues and tasks of a work and personal nature. They spend a lot of time at a fast, frantic pace, so when they come home, they want to switch off and take a break from everything . Therefore, in your house or apartment you need to create an atmosphere of home comfort and coziness. Despite the fact that there are a lot of design trends, in this case the most suitable interior design would be in the Provence style. It can create an atmosphere in any room:

  • beautiful
  • quiet
  • light
  • cozy

The French province, which with its calm and tranquility will protect you from the bustle of the city, will give you the opportunity to relax, sleep, and gain strength.

Unforgettable French atmosphere.

Interior design in the Provence style, or as it is often called the French rustic style, has characteristic features that set it apart from other design trends. These include:

  • pastel shades
  • abundance of accessories and colors
  • natural materials
  • wooden or wicker furniture

And decorating a room in the Provençal style would not be complete without the use of floral patterns, light, airy curtains and drapes, and a variety of porcelain, ceramic, and fabric souvenirs. All this will create a unique French atmosphere in the Provence style in your house or apartment.

Use of flowers, figurines, pillows, paintings.

Provence interior design uses many designer accessories. Ceramic animal figurines, various wicker baskets, pots of fresh flowers, and vases of fruit and sweets are popular. As well as candlesticks, porcelain figurines, clocks, mirrors and, of course, many pillows that are placed on armchairs, chairs, beds and sofas. In Provencal interior design, preference is given to soft, warm, light colors. It often seems that the surfaces of furniture, floors, and walls have been burnt out by the sun. But actually it is not. Indeed, in Provence interior design, muted panel colors are used: white, beige, cream, blue, pink, pale lilac, yellow and many others. As for furniture, designers will offer you a choice of wooden, wicker or forged items .

AS-Design Studio will develop for you a unique interior design project in Provence style at the best price in Ukraine. Our designers will create a unique provincial French atmosphere and Provence interior design in the room, in which you will be pleasant and comfortable to be.