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Chalet style interior design

In modern interior design there are many different styles, which differ from each other in colors, materials used, decor, furniture, accessories . Each person chooses the most suitable one for himself. AS-Design Studio can create and implement any interior design at the best price in Kharkov. If you prefer:

  • simplicity
  • rough beauty
  • natural materials
  • sophistication
  • nobility

Chalet style interiorChalet style designChalet style interior designChalet style interior design In this case, you should order the development of an interior design project in the style of a chalet. Chalet is a design trend that came to us from France. It combines indescribable French beauty, originality, as well as comfort and warmth. Chalet-style rooms are distinguished by their particular simplicity and sophistication; every detail is selected very carefully and thoughtfully. Only natural materials are used to decorate the rooms. The furnishings are simple and functional, there is nothing superfluous.

Use of natural materials.

Natural wood is used to decorate rooms with chalet-style interior design. It undergoes a special treatment, after which it receives a worn, antique color. In most cases, wood covers the floor and ceiling. The walls can be plastered or painted in light colors. At the request of our clients, our specialists can cover all existing surfaces in a house or apartment with wood, this will make them more cozy and comfortable.

Chalet style designsChalet style interior designs

We will select original antique accessories.

Studio AS-Design at a competitive price in Kharkov will create:

  • unique
  • professional
  • Beautiful
  • exquisite

Interior design in chalet style. It is worth noting that a mandatory attribute of this direction is the presence of a fireplace. It can be made of natural or artificial stone. The color of the fireplace should match the color of the wood that was used for the walls, ceiling, and floor. For wall decor, the designer will select large-sized paintings. They can depict animals and nature. The use of accessories such as antique dishes, photographs, embroidery, designer crafts , etc. is also encouraged. Furniture and textiles should also be chosen from natural materials such as wood, leather, fur, wool, and linen. Wooden or wicker tables and chairs can also be used in chalet-style interior design. To illuminate the rooms, you should choose antique chandeliers and lamps.

Our studio will create for you a unique chalet-style interior design at a competitive price in Kharkov.