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Design in a modern classic style

Today there are many interesting directions, so choosing the most suitable option will not be difficult. A wide variety of styles can unsettle a person, because each movement is beautiful and unique in its own way . But you should remember that design trends change every year and your brand new renovation can quickly lose its uniqueness. To avoid this, you can order the development of an interior design project in a modern classic style.

Spacious rooms with extraordinary mirrors.

The classic style has remained popular and in demand for many years. Every year, designers improve it more and more, adding modern materials, decor and accessories. AS-Design Studio has extensive experience in creating:

  • unique
  • unique
  • original
  • relevant

Classic interior design projects at the best price in Kharkov. The main difficulty in this area is the placement of modern technology. The designer of the AS-Design studio carefully studies this issue. In order to hide household appliances, they are placed in special blocks, niches, and also retractable structures. This allows you to make your room functional and at the same time harmonious without violating the main design concept.

Use of unique designer accessories.

Design in the style of modern classics involves the use of classic accessories:

  • sculptures
  • paintings
  • large flowerpots
  • elegant lamps
  • mirrors
  • antique dishes

All these interior items are placed in plain sight and create a beautiful, harmonious picture. It is worth noting that interior design in a modern classic style is characterized by large, bright rooms. To visually expand the existing space, mirrors in expensive, luxurious frames are used. And also an integral part of modern classics are architectural columns, various sculptural elements, fireplaces . Fireplaces can be framed from natural or artificial stone, marble and other materials. Furniture plays an important role; it should not only be functional, but also very beautiful. The designer of the As-Design studio uses furniture made of natural wood to decorate rooms in a modern classic style; it can be inlaid with mother-of-pearl and bronze. For its upholstery it is expensive textiles.

AS-Design Studio will create for you a unique interior design project in a modern classic style at a competitive price in Kharkov.