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Art Nouveau design

Interior design in the Art Nouveau style is very popular; every year it becomes more and more in demand both in Kharkov and other cities of Ukraine. It is generally accepted that this design direction is ideal for large rooms and studio apartments, but we want to assure you that this is not the case. Our studio will develop:

  • unique
  • unique
  • original
  • interesting

An interior design project in the Art Nouveau style for any room , regardless of its size, layout and condition . Our designer will take into account all your wishes and requirements regarding the design of the rooms and bring them to life.

Smoothness, simplicity, sophistication.

Interior design in the Art Nouveau style has a number of characteristics that set it apart from other design trends. These include:

  • smooth shapes
  • minimal decor
  • natural materials
  • muted colors

As well as the use of new, modern technologies, materials and elements. As for shapes, preference is given to smooth, natural curves, and in all elements of decor and design. Rectangular doorways are replaced by beautiful arches, window openings also become rounded, graceful in shape. If the room has high walls, then you can create multi-level ceilings.

Our modern interior designer will make your room stylish, modern, as well as comfortable and cozy. The rooms are decorated in light, pastel colors. Often preference is given to a white palette. To dilute it, use bright accessories or decorative items. They will give the environment a homely and lively look. An integral part of modern design are large windows without curtains, which provide a large amount of natural light.

Natural finishing materials.

Natural materials such as wood, stone, colored glass, and expensive fabrics are used to decorate rooms. Often, stained glass with various designs can be used as decoration, as well as antiques, figurines, paintings and much more. But it is worth remembering that they should not oversaturate the space. After all, modern interior design is characterized by the use of decor and designer accessories in small quantities . All elements should be simple, stylish and elegant.

A modern interior designer, after inspecting your house or apartment, will create for you a unique and inimitable design project at a low price in Kharkov. He will also select modern furniture, decor and accessories.