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Interior design in minimalist style

There are many different styles and trends in modern interior design. Sometimes it is difficult for a person who has decided to order the development of a design project to understand the features and differences of a particular stylistic movement . By contacting the AS-Design studio, you will receive professional advice, and our designer will select the most suitable style for your room, taking into account your wishes and preferences.

Bright, spacious rooms with a minimum of furniture.

If you prefer bright, spacious rooms with a minimum amount of furniture and accessories, then our studio recommends that you turn your attention to the minimalist style. Interior design minimalism is characterized by:

  • free space
  • lack of decor
  • brevity of forms
  • light colors
  • using natural materials

The minimalist style of any room, regardless of its functional purpose, implies the absence of rooms. All internal partitions are removed, thus creating a single area. They also widen the windows and replace doorways with arches. To highlight zones in a minimalist interior, glass partitions and furniture are used. Functional areas can also be differentiated using color and lighting solutions. Interior design in the minimalist style involves the use of white in combination with black or gray. Interior design uses two colors that are harmoniously combined, and also uses a designer play of halftones.

Use of light colors and natural materials.

AS-Design Studio will develop for you:

  • unique
  • individual
  • interesting
  • unique

Design project in minimalism style at the best price in Kharkov. To decorate the premises, only natural materials are used, such as natural wood, relief plaster, decorative brick, and concrete. For the walls, use textured plaster, single-color wallpaper, and the walls can also be painted in a light, solid color. To cover the floor, linoleum, light-colored tiles without patterns, and natural wood are used. The ceiling, like the walls, can be painted or covered with wallpaper. As for furniture in a minimalist style, built-in sets are used, as well as small functional furniture made from natural materials. This can be natural wood, leather, glass, as well as chrome surfaces and aluminum profiles . It is worth noting that minimalist interior design implies the presence of large windows through which a lot of light enters. Curtains or curtains are not used; blinds can be used to protect from the summer sun.

AS-Design studio offers unique interior projects in the minimalist style. Our interior designs are never the same. All design work We perform at a professional level and at the best price in Kharkov.