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Loft style design

There are many styles in a modern interior, each of them is interesting in its own way, and also has its own unique features and distinctive features . Before ordering the development of a design project in a certain stylistic direction, you need to get acquainted with it and study it carefully, so that after completing the repair and design work you will get the room of your dreams.

Let's create a bright, spacious, functional space.

In our studio they often order interior design in the loft style - this is

  • fashionable
  • interesting
  • unique
  • modern

Design direction. Loft-style design is characterized by a large, bright space, with a combination of various design and architectural solutions. Modern furniture, appliances and accessories are harmoniously combined with brick walls, open engineering systems, stairs, pipes, large windows without curtains. You can use loft-style design to decorate shops, cafes, bars, restaurants, galleries, apartments, houses and many other buildings.

AS-Design Studio will develop an interior design project in the loft style for you at the best price in Ukraine. The distinctive features of this direction are:

  • open space without walls or partitions
  • presence of brick walls, rough plaster, exposed pipes, beams
  • large windows without curtains
  • wood flooring
  • functional furniture
  • unusual accessories

The interior of loft premises, regardless of their functional purpose, will have maximum space and light. There will be practically no partitions in it. Functional areas are distinguished using columns, furniture, color contrasts, and light. Sometimes glass partitions are used, but keep in mind that they will not violate the concept of open space.

Using clones and arches made of brick, concrete, stone.

Interior design in the loft style implies that there will be no rooms in the apartment or house. You will have a single space in which functional areas will be highlighted using columns made of brick, concrete, stone, and furniture. They will replace the bedroom, living room, children's room, office, dining room and others. As for the color scheme, in most cases preference is given to cool shades. The furniture in a loft interior can be anything, it all depends on your preferences. The main thing is that it is functional and can be used to store things. A special highlight of interior design in the loft style is the use of non-standard accessories and decor . These can be unusual chandeliers, lamps, interesting vases, paintings, posters and many other design elements that the designer of the AS-Design studio will select taking into account your tastes and preferences.