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The beginning of the last century gave us all a romantic, light and elegant country style, using which it is easy to create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere in a room. The word “country” means rural, and the birthplace of this style is England, although almost every nation has its own national traditions and characteristics in the expression of this design style. And this is not surprising, because the basis of country music is the centuries-old style of life, communication, and way of life of each specific people, be it in North America, European countries, Russia or Ukraine.

Many city dwellers are psychologically and emotionally tired of city pressures and stress, either moving out of town to cottages, or wanting a pleasant break from the environment of modern offices, they decorate the interiors of their apartments in country style.
In principle, this is not so difficult, and the things we inherited from our parents and grandparents will not only help create the desired interior, but will also fill our home with an atmosphere of family warmth and comfort. Country, like no other design style, carries spirituality and folk traditions that have developed over the centuries, and also helps to preserve the ancestral roots of each family.

Despite the fact that the basic principles of the style were formed a long time ago, country music can still look quite modern today, the main thing is to abandon excessive decorativeness and pretentiousness, since the main thing in the style is naturalness, refined simplicity and functionality.

Since country is an ecological style, the walls can be painted in a single color, paper wallpaper with a discreet floral pattern can be hung, and the walls can be finished with plaster (regular, decorative or with a combination of brickwork). Walls, in addition, are often decorated with a border; you can also decorate the lower part of the wall with a decorative panel (wooden or matching the color of the wallpaper). Wooden boards or solid floorboards, tiles, decorative and natural stone are used as floor coverings.

When creating a country-style interior, metal is also used, but not shiny and chrome-plated, but rather aged brass and bronze. Products made by hand will look especially organic. It is impossible to imagine a real English country house without a fireplace. Therefore, when decorating a cottage or private house in country style, you need to take care of this important and beautiful interior detail. Moreover, today fireplaces are at the peak of popularity, since not many things in the house can create such a feeling of warmth, comfort and coziness as a fireplace.

In general, to decorate a room in a rustic style, they use natural wood furniture that has simple and regular lines and shapes, preferably unpolished. Natural colors, most often pastel or light tones, will look most successful in upholstery. And, of course, you can’t do without an antique chest of drawers or sideboard. And in the absence of such, you can get by with low, simple cabinets. In addition, a slide, wardrobes, wall cabinets and shelves for dishes, wooden beds, simple, no-frills tables and chairs - all these are interior items for country. The main thing is that the furniture is made of natural wood or covered with veneer. Sometimes furniture is painted white or some other color close to natural.

And, of course, we must not forget about such important details as fresh flowers and bouquets of dried plants, paintings, photographs, old books, antique table lamps, dishes, ceramics and porcelain, wicker jewelry and much more, which so clearly emphasizes such cozy and harmonious style like country.