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Interior design in Art Deco style

The Art Deco design style appeared a long time ago; nowadays they are in great demand in Kyiv, Kharkov and other cities of Ukraine. Art Deco interior design is characterized by:

  • beauty
  • uniqueness
  • luxury
  • exclusivity

It is most suitable for people with refined and refined taste, as well as all lovers of exclusive items and accessories, expensive finishing materials, luxurious furniture and decor . Art Deco combined several design trends - modern, empire, cubism, as well as ethnic motifs of ancient cultures and modern styles such as high-tech and others. Due to this, the interior design combines modern technology, exotic finishes and decor, luxurious items, and as a result you get a beautiful, harmonious space.

Expensive, luxurious, exclusive.

Interior design in the Art Deco style has distinctive features:

  • geometric designs
  • expensive furniture
  • exclusive finishing materials
  • contrasting colors

All this creates an expensive and luxurious interior design that amazes and delights with its exclusivity and originality. It is worth remembering that the Art Deco direction does not allow the use of artificial materials, smooth lines, or bright colors. To decorate walls and ceilings, designers use geometric patterns, and furniture and textiles can have zigzag and straight lines. Round patterns are often used; they are placed on the ceiling with a proportional reflection on the floor, and they can also be repeated on the surface of furniture and decor. Art Deco design

Natural, exotic materials.

In interior design Art Decor, special attention is paid to expensive and natural materials. Natural wood, exotic animal skin, expensive metals, stones, and glass are used to decorate and decorate rooms. To cover surfaces, use glossy ceramic tiles or tiles made from natural stone. As for the color palette, preference in art style is given to neutral colors: black, white, gray, brown, beige, silver, gold and others . In most cases, contrasting colors are chosen, one of them is dark and the other is light.

Interior design in the Art Deco style cannot imagine its existence without expensive and exclusive accessories, such as paintings, vases, sculptures, large mirrors in unique frames, candlesticks, tapestries and much more. AS-Design Studio will develop for you a unique Art Deco interior design at the best price.