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Interior design in high-tech style

If you are a creative person who follows the latest innovations in the modern world of technology, and you also try not to lag behind the times, but to keep pace with it . Our studio offers you development:

  • unique
  • modern
  • stylish
  • fashionable

Interior design project in high-tech style. High-tech has a number of features. It is characterized by:

  • simplicity
  • functionality
  • lack of decor
  • built-in furniture
  • a large number of light sources

And also the mandatory use of high-tech systems and multifunctional equipment. To decorate walls in high-tech style, a variety of plaster can be used, and the walls can be painted or covered with wallpaper. High-tech interior design does not exclude the use of walls with brickwork or bare concrete. As for the color scheme, preference is given to light tones, and there can also be a combination of colors of black, white, gray, beige and others.

Bright, airy, modern space.

High-tech design is characterized by a common space, that is, during renovation, walls between rooms are removed. To zone the space, partitions, sliding walls, and furniture are used. Windows play an important role in the interior; they should be large and let in a lot of light. They are not covered with curtains; at the client’s request, the designer can choose blinds or roller shutters that will correspond to the basic high-tech concept.

In high-tech interior design, laminate, linoleum, tiles or parquet boards can be used to cover the floor. The client chooses the flooring based on his taste preferences, the main thing is that it matches the high-tech style. For additional zoning of the room, lighting fixtures can be installed in the floor. Despite the fact that there is no decor, the presence of a rug on the floor is not excluded. Preference is given to a plain pile rug, but it can also be with geometric patterns.

Designer lighting fixtures.

In high-tech interiors, in most cases there are suspended or suspended ceilings; their surface can be either matte or glossy. An important design aspect of this style is lighting. All rooms must be well lit; for this, a large number of lighting fixtures are used . It is worth noting that the furniture should be simple, comfortable and functional.

AS-Design studio will create a unique high-tech interior design for any room in the city of Kharkov at the best price in Ukraine.