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Interior design cost

Our studio has been developing and implementing for many years:

  • creative
  • interesting
  • original

work at the most affordable price in Kyiv, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk. The company's designers work with buildings regardless of their:

  • area
  • state
  • number of rooms
  • number of floors

Affordable design services.

We create original, modern interior designs for private and country houses, apartments, offices, restaurants and many other premises in Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Kyiv. Despite the fact that the designers of our studio are highly qualified specialists with a large number of successfully implemented design projects, the cost of our services is the most optimal .

The cost of creating an interior design depends on the size of the room, its complexity, as well as your design requirements. To determine the final price, the studio designer comes to the site to familiarize itself with it and clarify all the client’s wishes. During the meeting, the company specialist finds out whether redevelopment will be carried out. They also choose the style in which finishing and design work will be carried out, and determine the color in which the rooms will be decorated. Style and color do not affect the price of services.

The cost of creating an interior design includes the selection and calculation of the required amount of repair and finishing materials. The designer will tell you where in Kharkov, Kyiv or Dnepropetrovsk to buy high-quality materials at the lowest price. She will also help you choose beautiful, modern and functional furniture and include its arrangement in the project. Furniture is selected for all rooms according to the chosen style and color.

Our designers will develop several interior design options for your home or apartment, all of which will have the same price. You will need to choose one. You can also use the 3D visualization service. With its help you will see what the room will look like. If you don’t like something, then at the visualization stage you can make the necessary changes and amendments. Making adjustments will not affect the cost of the project.

Fast, high quality, inexpensive.

In addition to visualization, our studio offers designer supervision services, which also have a low price. Architectural supervision implies control over the implementation of: construction, repair, finishing and design work in accordance with the approved interior design project of the premises.

Our studio develops interior design at an affordable price at a professional level.