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Living room interior design

The living room is the “face” of your apartment or house. This is where you will receive guests and family, celebrate holidays and simply relax after work. It is very important that the living room is comfortable for you and your guests; it should be spacious, ergonomic and cozy. Planning is the most important stage of living room renovation and design. During a festive dinner, many guests will want to take a break and socialize away from the general fun, which is why the interior of the living room is divided into zones in which everyone will find a place to their liking. You can divide the living room into zones in many ways, for example, in addition to stationary partitions made of plasterboard and foam blocks, you can use shelving and light, transparent glass partitions. With the help of a multi-level ceiling and lighting, you can separate an area for quiet communication and a bright, open space for dancing and fun.

If the apartment is 2-storey, then the staircase to the second floor can naturally divide the living room into two zones, and under the stairs you can arrange a wardrobe or closet. In small apartments, it is better to combine the living room with the kitchen, this will expand the free space. You also need to be careful when choosing furniture. If we are discussing the interior design of a small living room, we should give preference to simple lines and configurations, because... Excessive decor gives the impression of a busy room. The main criterion for your choice should be the versatility of the environment.

After you think about organizing the space, you need to choose the interior style of your living room. If the living room is small, then the Hi-Tech or Techno style is best. The absolute favorites among accessories and additions for decorating a small space are glass and metal products, lacquer surfaces and plastics. When choosing furnishings for your living room, pay attention, first of all, to furniture with these inclusions. Glass and plastic, elegant metal structures create the impression that the furniture takes up much less space. If you have a large space, you can use a combination of different styles without overloading the interior. Here your imagination can run wild in the use of stucco decoration, all kinds of arches and columns, unusually shaped ceilings and zone lighting. Now there is a huge amount of finishing materials and accessories on the market. For walls you can use decorative panels, Venetian plaster, wallpaper of various textures, wooden inserts, fabrics and natural stone elements. It is better to put a tiled heated floor on the floor in the kitchen area. The floor can be powered either from electricity or heating. If heating interruptions occur frequently, it is better to use both options. On the main surface of the living room floor you can use laminate, tiles with wood texture, parquet boards, parquet made of various types of wood, and cork. In a recreation area or home theater, it is better to put a carpet or carpet on the floor. Renovating and designing a living room is an interesting creative process as a result of which you will create a room that will reflect your lifestyle, your aspirations and hobbies. This will be a place where you will spend time with your family and enjoy life, communicate with friends.