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Organization of living space

– these are changes that determine the internal structure of the interior: the number and size of rooms, their location, the spatial connection of the rooms.
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Redevelopment belongs to the category of primary means of interior design, perhaps that is why the prospect of changes of such complexity frightens people. We all advocate for improving the quality of space, but not everyone will risk moving walls, building partitions, dividing volume into levels, using empty rooms (for example, an attic or basement) and re-equipping and decorating them in accordance with building rules for residential premises.

It should be noted that changes to the planning organization vary significantly in level of complexity and costs and, in turn, depend on whether the supporting structure of the house will be affected. For example, cutting an opening in an internal wall is much easier than performing the same operation in a load-bearing wall. If you have the most accurate information on this issue, know where and what difficulties await you, and prepare most thoroughly for the redevelopment, then we are sure that you are guaranteed success. You may not be able to make large-scale changes on your own, and this is sometimes risky. Seek help from an architect who will tell you which structures are load-bearing and which are internal, and hire experienced and qualified builders to implement your project.

Organization of living space

Office design cost

If you decide to renovate your office with a unique interior design, then your first action will be to search for a design studio with affordable prices for services. At this stage, it should be remembered that the low cost of design work does not always correspond to its high quality. And since the appearance of an office space plays an important role for any company, you should only contact professionals .

Office design cost

Office design cost

We introduce interesting design solutions.

Room area Price
from 40-100 m2 $ 30/ m2
100-200 m2 $ 25/ m2
200-500 m2 $ 20/ m2
more than 500 m2 $ 15/ m2
from 1000 m2 Special price

*There is a discount system for regular customers. *Special offer for architectural supervision.

Our studio has extensive experience in creating unique interior design projects for offices in Kharkov and Kyiv. AS-Design offers its customers:

  • interesting design ideas
  • professional and high-quality work performance
  • optimal prices
  • visualization of projects
  • author’s supervision

By contacting our studio, you will significantly save time and money. Your office will become:

  • modern
  • stylish
  • unique
  • recognizable
  • interesting

It will be comfortable and cozy for both the company’s employees and its visitors and clients. Every meter of the room will be carefully worked out by the designer, because the changes will affect not only the director’s office, but also the room where employees work, relax and eat. That is, in an office interior design project at an affordable price, all the rooms that exist, including utility rooms, will be taken into account.

Office design cost

Office design cost

Office design cost Office design cost

We work with all modern styles.

Before starting to create an interior design sketch at a competitive price, a designer from our company will come to your office, conduct an inspection and get acquainted with your requirements and preferences regarding design work. Together with it, you will select the color scheme, the most suitable style, as well as materials for repairs and decoration, furniture and accessories. All these services are included in the cost of the project. When choosing a design style for an office space, it is worth taking into account the company’s field of activity, its target audience, as well as corporate culture and logo .

All this will make it possible to create a unique interior design at the best price, which will best suit your corporate style. In addition to appearance, interior design will make it possible to create a comfortable, cozy and convenient environment for all office workers. Our designer will develop comfortable and functional workplaces for them.

By contacting the As-Design studio, you will receive professional design advice, a unique and unique office interior design project at a low price both in Kharkov and Kiev.