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Organization of living space

– these are changes that determine the internal structure of the interior: the number and size of rooms, their location, the spatial connection of the rooms.
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Redevelopment belongs to the category of primary means of interior design, perhaps that is why the prospect of changes of such complexity frightens people. We all advocate for improving the quality of space, but not everyone will risk moving walls, building partitions, dividing volume into levels, using empty rooms (for example, an attic or basement) and re-equipping and decorating them in accordance with building rules for residential premises.

It should be noted that changes to the planning organization vary significantly in level of complexity and costs and, in turn, depend on whether the supporting structure of the house will be affected. For example, cutting an opening in an internal wall is much easier than performing the same operation in a load-bearing wall. If you have the most accurate information on this issue, know where and what difficulties await you, and prepare most thoroughly for the redevelopment, then we are sure that you are guaranteed success. You may not be able to make large-scale changes on your own, and this is sometimes risky. Seek help from an architect who will tell you which structures are load-bearing and which are internal, and hire experienced and qualified builders to implement your project.

Organization of living space

Interior design of a two-room apartment

Two-room apartments are popular housing in Ukraine. This is due to the significantly larger area compared to one-room apartments, and the lower cost compared to three-room apartments. When purchasing or living in such premises, sooner or later the owners begin to think about carrying out repairs. In addition to the desire to create beauty and comfort, many want to solve the problems that arise due to an insufficiently large area.

Interior design of a two-room apartmentInterior design of a two-room apartmentInterior design of a two-room apartmentInterior design of a two-room apartmentInterior design of a two-room apartmentInterior design of a two-room apartmentInterior design of a two-room apartmentInterior design of a two-room apartmentInterior design of a two-room apartmentInterior design of a two-room apartment

Professional design services.

Most two-room apartments, regardless of whether they are new or built a long time ago, can be equipped with small kitchens, a narrow corridor, a combined bathroom or walk-through rooms. All these problems can be solved with the help of properly designed interior design.

The best company that develops designs for two-room apartments is the AS-Design studio. We offer our clients from Kharkov, Kyiv, Dnepropetrovsk and other cities of Ukraine:

  • professional design services
  • affordable prices
  • original ideas
  • quality guarantee

Any design of a two-room apartment begins with a meeting with the customer. Our designers come directly to the site to get acquainted with it, as well as find out all the client’s wishes and requirements . An on-site specialist will find out all the advantages and disadvantages of the premises. And also whether it will need redevelopment, how many people will live in it, whether there are children, and whether a children’s room will be needed.

Next, the designer offers interior design options, so you can choose the style that suits you. It can be common for the entire room, or a separate style for each room. If you have a studio apartment that combines a kitchen, living room, corridor, and only a separate bedroom, specialists from the AS-Design studio recommend using two styles.

The designers of our studio will create for all clients from Kharkov, Kyiv, Dnepropetrovsk:

  • unique
  • unique
  • exclusive

design of a two-room apartment, regardless of its size, it can be either small or large. We can delimit zones of your space for relaxation and work, we can change the layout , we can turn your room into a studio apartment by removing walls and partitions. We will also help you choose the right color scheme.

Beautiful, stylish, fashionable.

For small two-room apartments, light colors are more suitable; they visually expand the space. For the studio you can use dark colors. We will also help you select and arrange furniture so that it takes up as little space as possible and is still functional.

AS-Design studio will develop a beautiful interior design that will make your two-room apartment comfortable and cozy.