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Organization of living space

– these are changes that determine the internal structure of the interior: the number and size of rooms, their location, the spatial connection of the rooms.
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Redevelopment belongs to the category of primary means of interior design, perhaps that is why the prospect of changes of such complexity frightens people. We all advocate for improving the quality of space, but not everyone will risk moving walls, building partitions, dividing volume into levels, using empty rooms (for example, an attic or basement) and re-equipping and decorating them in accordance with building rules for residential premises.

It should be noted that changes to the planning organization vary significantly in level of complexity and costs and, in turn, depend on whether the supporting structure of the house will be affected. For example, cutting an opening in an internal wall is much easier than performing the same operation in a load-bearing wall. If you have the most accurate information on this issue, know where and what difficulties await you, and prepare most thoroughly for the redevelopment, then we are sure that you are guaranteed success. You may not be able to make large-scale changes on your own, and this is sometimes risky. Seek help from an architect who will tell you which structures are load-bearing and which are internal, and hire experienced and qualified builders to implement your project.

Organization of living space

Interior design of a private house

Many residents of Kharkov prefer to live in private houses rather than in apartments where there are no neighbors below or above, where there are no broken elevators or sudden heating cuts. In such housing you will be able to arrange, organize and customize everything to suit your needs and desires.

Interior design of a private house Interior design of a private house Interior design of a private house
Interior design of a private house Interior design of a private houseInterior design of a private houseInterior design of a private house

To make your stay and accommodation in a private house more:

  • comfortable
  • cozy

Interesting design ideas.

We offer interior design development. Our company has extensive experience in providing design services in Kharkov for premises of various functional purposes. Our designers will select the most suitable style for your home and offer several ideas for design and decor of rooms. We will also bring your ideas regarding style, color and decoration to life .

We offer our clients:

  • beautiful interior design
  • affordable prices
  • high quality design work

Design work for a private home is just as important as construction and repair work. The decoration inside is the same as the façade of the building outside. To develop an interior design project, the company’s designers meet with the client directly at the work site. To get acquainted with the premises, its layout, rooms, take measurements if necessary, and also find out your wishes and requirements.

Interior design should make a private home not only beautiful, but also cozy and functional. Our designers will help you choose high-quality finishing materials, original decorative elements, and furniture. We will also place this furniture in all rooms of the premises: in the bedroom, living room, children’s room, bathroom and others.

We bring to life any interior design style from classic to modern, from loft to minimalism. Designers will help you choose the appropriate style for your private home. It can be the same for the entire room, or different for different rooms, but in any case everything will look harmonious and complement each other.

Interior design of a private house

We embody any style.

So that you have no doubts about the correctness of the chosen style and color scheme for a private house, using 3D visualization we will show you how it will look after repair and design work . Such visualization makes it possible to make changes and amendments during the design process in order to ultimately obtain a room that best suits your requirements.

Our company will create a unique interior design for your private home or cottage at the best price in Kharkov.