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Interior design in Dnepropetrovsk

If you want the renovation to go quickly and successfully, you cannot do without a pre-developed interior design project. It’s better to turn to professionals with this question, because your comfortable and cozy stay, pastime or accommodation depends on their work.

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Let's make the room beautiful and functional.

Our studio has been developing and implementing interior design for various premises in Dnepropetrovsk for many years, regardless of their functional purpose. Qualified designers have been working in the design field for many years. Offer clients:

  • copyright
  • individual
  • unique
  • exclusive

interior design projects that will take into account all the requirements and wishes of the client. To do this, an initial meeting takes place at the site in Dnepropetrovsk where the work will be performed. The studio’s specialists inspect the premises, take the necessary measurements, clarify issues related to changing the layout, combining rooms, updating engineering systems .

The information received will be used to develop an interior design project. As for the premises of Dnepropetrovsk, our studio offers design services for:

  • apartments
  • houses
  • offices
  • cottages
  • restaurants

and many other buildings in Dnepropetrovsk. We will also help you select construction and finishing materials and calculate their quantities. We will select functional and practical furniture for all rooms. We'll tell you which style and color scheme to choose.

Our studio offers all clients from Dnepropetrovsk a visualization service, that is, at the stage of development and approval of the project, you will be able to see your future interior design. This makes it possible to make the necessary adjustments and changes before the start of construction and repair work . Another important service from us is designer’s supervision of the implementation of all stages of work provided for in the design project and construction documentation.

Architectural supervision implies the designer's control over the work of construction and repair teams. And also for bringing interior design to life. For the correct decoration of rooms, their finishing, arrangement of furniture and decoration with textiles and accessories.

We carry out all work efficiently and professionally.

The designers of our studio will develop an interior design for any room in Dnepropetrovsk, regardless of its size and condition. We will offer many design ideas, and also help you choose the appropriate style and color.