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Office interior design

Leading people should be comfortable in all respects - not only from a moral point of view, but also from a functional and aesthetic point of view. Therefore, developing the interior design of the director’s office is a very specific area of activity. The manager's workplace should have such features as ergonomics and expressiveness. When working on the interior of an office, the designer is required to bring the combination of beauty and practicality to the absolute level. Of course, the interior style depends on the nature of the business, but to an even greater extent - on the personality of the owner himself, his tastes and business qualities. Office 1 (1)watermark The usual office interior design is dark colors, a predominance of wood, a large library and a large work desk, that is, classic. Today, such a decision is becoming a thing of the past. Designers adhere to the usual cliches of the classical style, however, they dilute them with modern elements. For example, adding panels with the streets of a modern city to a classic design, and replacing a massive table with a more compact one. Modern office design can be done in gray tones with bright accents: red armchairs or playful colors of the sofa. The interior can be made in beige and chocolate tones and include precious wood, leather panels, engraving on the door glass, as a decorative solution or the main decoration of the interior. In order for the interior design of the office to be cozy, businesslike, and comfortable, it is necessary to carefully consider its lighting. It is optimal to use different light sources. For example, a ceiling lamp should provide soft diffused light, and on the desktop you will need a table lamp, which will also be a decorative element. If you have a small sofa or sofa in your office, then a floor lamp or sconce would be useful. When completing the design of your office, do not forget to enliven and decorate it with the help of accessories such as live plants, wall clocks, antiques, paintings, photographs of people dear and close to you.