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Children’s interior design

One of the most important tasks for a designer is the interior design of a nursery. After all, a child’s room is not just a room, it is a whole world, an amazing, fantastic world in which a child will have to grow and develop. Often, the interior design of a children's room plays an important role in the child's attitude towards life: how comfortable he is in the nursery can determine his mood, interest in learning and general tone. When creating an interior design for a children's room, a professional is guided not only by aesthetic ideals, but, first of all, by the age characteristics of the child, his character and hobbies. Children are very susceptible; what evokes strong emotions lingers in the soul for a long time; That’s why the main goal in developing the design of a children’s room is to create a bright, interesting image that will suit a small household. d2watermarkd3watermark The choice of furniture and color scheme as a whole will depend on the age and interests of the child. Interior design of a children's room for a newborn and a teenager: “Boys - blue curtains and wallpaper with cars, girls - pink curtains and wallpaper with princesses” - a standard version of the design of a children's room, which set the teeth on edge among supporters of developmental and functional solutions. From the moment your baby can independently move around the apartment, he will first need space for games and creativity. That’s why in children’s rooms, wallpaper so often gives way to whatman paper on which you can draw, and globes, various layouts and educational posters act as decorative accessories. In such a room, where every centimeter is intended for the all-round development of the child, he will not be bored either at three years old or at thirteen years old. d2v2-2watermarkd3v2-2watermark If the young owner of the room is already expressing his wishes, you should listen to them. A vivid imagination and developed imagination sometimes suggest to children the most non-standard interior solutions, which may seem unusual to more “sensible” parents, but will contribute to the further development of the child. But you shouldn’t blindly follow your child’s instructions: a room where the walls are painted black and covered with portraits of characters from horror films may seem attractive to the child, but such a design for a child’s room will definitely not do him any good. Trust our designers, and your child will receive a beautiful, comfortable and functional room where he will be comfortable throughout his childhood.